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A criminal defense attorney can help to successfully defend a person against any charge that is brought against them. However, to truly have a successful defense, one must always speak to a lawyer. When this happens, it’s best to hire an attorney who has knowledge of the laws and could represent you in court.

Criminal Lawyer and Attorney for Representation In Court

Mistake of Fact

Some states have the concept of a ‘mistake of fact’. In other words, a mistake of fact is when someone commits a crime while being under duress. Although a mistake of fact is not a valid defense, it can be used to explain a defendant’s actions.

For example, if someone is pressured by a police officer during a police interrogation, then the person could argue that the police officer failed to inform the suspect of his right to remain silent. They could even point out that the police officer did not inform the suspect of his right to an attorney. A mistake of fact should never be used as a defense. A mistake of fact is a misrepresentation of facts.


A police officer would most likely instruct a suspect during an interrogation, “Don’t make any statements, don’t say anything.” However, the suspect may actually think that he or she has the right to do so. The problem comes when the suspect realizes that he or she is under duress. This is why it’s important to ensure that your case has proper legal representation.

Duress is defined as an unlawful threat or physical pressure that is overbearing. It includes a lot of different actions that a person does when under duress. The main element in a duress claim is that the suspect’s actions are unreasonable. For example, if the suspect had been carrying drugs in his wallet and was threatened by a cop, then the attorney would most likely try to demonstrate that the suspect’s actions were unreasonable. If the suspect is faced with many distractions at the time, it could be extremely difficult for the defense to successfully convince the judge.

It’s important to remember that duress is only used to describe actions that were under duress. For example, if the suspect was in fear of his life, then duress is not relevant. The only real basis for a duress claim is if the person believed that they had the right to act.

Mistake of Law

In a police interrogation, one of the things a police officer is going to do is ask questions to lead the suspect to believe that they did something illegal. This is commonly known as the “mistake of law”. This mistake of law is usually used to negate a defendant’s guilt.

In a duress situation, the mistake of law must relate to something that is reasonable and clear. For example, if the officer says that they are going to arrest you, then this must be interpreted in a way that would keep you from feeling that you have done something illegal. If the person believes that they have done something illegal, then they must have been under duress at some point.

Mistake of Law – What makes this mistake of law dangerous is that it negates your guilt if you were not under duress. For example, if the officer tells you that you are being arrested, it is only natural that you will think that you are guilty. This mistake of law can be used to either negate your guilt or to get the charges dropped.

In other words, if a mistake of fact is made by the defense, then it is not valid. Mistakes of fact are commonly used when people argue that they did not commit a crime. This is usually used in cases where people mistakenly assume that they are innocent because they were under duress.

Prone To Mistakes & Having Legal Representation

People are very prone to mistakes of fact and error of law. Thus, it is important to have legal representation. This is especially true in cases where the defense attorney is fully knowledgeable about the law.

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